Homeboy Sandman - America the Beautiful

ANTHEM & Stones Throw Records Present "America the Beautiful" Video by Homeboy Sandman

Produced by kiki human monochrome

Play Twice Before Listening

Words from Sandy below
"The video was shot entirely within a 5 or 6 block radius of the building where I grew up in Queens NY, with the exception of Little India which is right up the street in Jackson Heights. While we were there we stopped by 82nd and Roosevelt for a sec to capture some Mexican flavor too. We went up Broadway and caught that Asian flavor and up 57th Ave and caught the wall of black heroes which is way smaller now than when Popeye's bought that corner but still it was nice of them to preserve it. My neighborhood serves as a metaphor for the United States, with all the different flavors all mixed up making it work. And all the beauty of that." – Homeboy Sandman.