• Feb 04, 2015
  • by Teddy King


color : WHITE / BLACK
price : $50.00

RED KAP is 1923, the two brothers and cousin of former Tennessee Nashville, founded as a company that manufactures and sells overalls.
Durability and comfort, excellent service is supported with nature to the people by providing, one after another announced the work wear was an icon a red hat, growth as a brand maker of uniforms of various companies after.
Been loved from the American blue-collar from ancient times, as well as build a strong position as a typical work brand of the United States, you can now start the skaters and musicians, also attracted a lot of attention in various fashion scene beyond the framework of the work wear to have.
The global line that began from 2013 AW collection, RED KAP fulfill the first full-scale landing in Japan.
And making things conscious sense of the size of the Japanese taste, expand the high-fashion items, even during the soaring popularity in Japan.

Special items arranged PRIVILEGE CORE LOGO by the reflector print on hem of REDKAP2 pack T-shirt with a 6.5 oz heavyweight cotton.
It has become a soft comfort and exquisite fabrics sense is not transparent skin when it is wearing the piece, even wearing underwear course in one piece down pat!
Silhouette, has become a box type for everyone, Length is not too long, we have become a stress-free silhouette slightly the comfort in width.