Video: Mark Gonzales Talks About Skateboarding, NYC, and Art

A new mini-documentary from adidas Originals gives us an insight into the mind of iconic skateboarder and sub-culture visionary Mark Gonzales, speaking to him about New York City, his art, and his relationship with the adidas Originals brand.

We’re vandalising all the time,” says Gonzales, talking about skateboarding. “We are doing this that definitely should be outlawed. We’re breaking the law really, with skateboarding, but I like it. I can’t stop […] I don’t feel like I’m doing shit wrong when I jump on a handrail […] I am a skateboarder, but sometimes I completely lose touch with that and I’m immersed in other things, so then I can still grab both world’s and see how people who don’t do it [skateboarding] must see it.”