Lunch with The Lazy Hustler Ricky Powell

Linked up with Ricky Powell for lunch at Eva's Restaurant on 8th Street in the Village. Eva's has been around since the 1970's and is one of the last remaining old businesses that remain on 8th Street today. Check out the photos below.

Took the L Train from Bedford ave into the city

Got off at Union Square 14th Street

Made a quick stop at Strand Book Store. Wanted to see the rare book section of New York books.

When I arrived at Eva's you can see photos of Joakim Noah in the window, and he recently visited Eva's. 

Right away when you walk in, Ricky has some of his popular photos on display inside.

Ricky even has a Burrito named after him, see The Lazy Hustler. Had to try it.

Back to Brooklyn.