Now in available is the Lafayette × W-BASE × DURCUS ONE "CITY EXPLORER" BIKE.

This Lafayette CRUISER BIKE is 26inch with an emphasis on the Lafayette Street style, which marks the 10th anniversary this year. Lafayette teamed up and developed the bike with W-BASE and DURCUS ONE.

Engraved Graphics on the stem, also using chrome molybdenum for the frame everywhere on the bike.
Finished with a street sense of rustic that it arranged with brakes in the front and the rear. The tires are 2.2 inches thick. To finish the bike it is painted in all black.

The video shows a daily ride through the streets of New York on a Summer day with @slime_jaxon and the Lafayette x WBASE bike, showing the functionality and details of the bike.

Filmed & Edited by Brendan Vail