Crew Love: HDBeenDope

As we slowly slip into another month of life on lockdown, at least we can still count on a constant outpour of new music releases to keep us from going into full apocalypse mode. While new albums from DaBaby and Westside Gunn are just some of the standout current projects gaining heat in the hip-hop world — go bump that Pray For Paris, ASAP!another young emcee is gearing up to drop something fresh as well that will only further cement his rightful place in the game. Take a minute to get familiar with HDBeenDope if you haven't already. 


Acting as his own producer, audio mixer and songwriter, HDBeenDope is building a career for himself that could potentially see the rise of rap's next big Renaissance Man. Fans from Istanbul, Brisbane and Chicago alike are just a small example of the global fanbase that has him buzzing on the underground rap scene with tracks like "Rev Run," "Bands 2" and "20K." Judging off the recent trailer for his upcoming album BrokeN Dreams, HD is gearing up to tell a story that we'll all want to tune in for. In addition to that, he also makes our long-sleeve tee collab with Reach (seen above) look pretty fresh when paired with a pair of NBs.

Check out HDBeenDope's video for "20K" below, and follow him on Instagram for all the latest updates on the BrokeN Dreams project: