Crew Love: Smooky MarGielaa

In today's music climate, it seems like the hitmakers are becoming younger and younger as more new acts roll into the game. One of the standout hip-hop wunderkinds making waves at the moment is Smooky MarGielaa, a Bronx-bred teen emcee with African roots and a fresh sense of style to match his equally fresh approach to the new generation of rap.

 Only 17 years old, Smooky already has hip-hop heavyweights like A$AP Rocky and the AWGE collective behind him as he prepares to release his debut album, Youngest In Charge. If you caught any of his handful of features on 2017's Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy, it goes without saying that the kid has a bright future ahead of him if all goes according to plan. For now, his over 300,000 Instagram followers are being treated to new music drops exclusive to IG as he coasts through the coronavirus lockdown along with the rest of us. We'll definitely keep our eyes and ears tuned into whatever the homie is releasing, especially after helping us roll out our "Belaire x Privilege Club" collab not too long ago. Hopefully you were able to cop a sweatshirt, snapback cap or long-sleeve shirt before it all sold out!

Peep Smooky MarGielaa's music video for his recent single "Rock$tar" below, in addition to a few rare flicks from the Belaire x Privilege capsule collection lookbook:


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