Crew Love: Yoga Fire of Homegrown Mafia

If you've ever heard the term "Yoga Fire," it's usually associated with a fire-spitting signature move in Capcom's iconic video game Street Fighter II made popular by a certain yoga master from India. We know a real-life homie who also goes by that moniker, and he's part of a burgeoning hip-hop collective known as Homegrown Mafia that's showing the world how Mexican rappers are bringing that fuego to the game.


In addition to making our Subway Series snapback hat collab with Bongiorno continue to look fly while hitting the stage (seen above), Yoga Fire is just an all around talented emcee that even extends his talents beyond the realms of rap. On his latest project Lázaro, released just last month, he puts together a wide mix of Urbano music styles that prove just why he can call himself a "wavy super Latin" — check out his 2017 album with Fnxty to catch that reference. Overall though, whether he's solo or with the crew, Yoga Fire brings the heat just like his rap name suggests. We're sure Dhalsim would be proud.

Take a listen to Lázaro below to see what we mean:

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