Munchies! Meyhem Lauren's Dominican Quesadillas

We all know what it feels like to have crazy cravings, especially after a night of club-hopping, hanging out at our shop on Essex or just getting hungry while posted up at the crib. Either way you put, we came across a pretty dope recipe recently cheffed up by the Queens-bred homie Meyhem Lauren that's sure to give you the illest itis.

Meyhem decided to share his hood classic recipe for a super Uptown classic: quesadillas — Dominican quesadillas at that! We'll keep it brief, but check out the step-by-step process above to see how to make better quesadillas than the spot on Stanton Street. Okay, maybe not that good, but who knows!

Peep some more of our favorite Munchies recipes by Meyhem Lauren below, including wasabi crab mac & cheese, "late night" curry chicken and a super special shrimp parmesan "on steroids." Yeah, we def can't wait to try these on a 2AM night:

Lead Image: Munchies for VICE

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