RIP Toys 'R' Us

it low-key breaks my heart that toys 'r' us is going out of business. i remember watching nickelodeon and seeing game shows and kids would win shopping sprees at toys 'r' us. kids now will never have that reality or even share that excitement about toys that kids that were born in the 80's and 90's share. it sucks even more that so many people are left with no job or severance package. even though when i think, what type of creep is gonna work in toy store for like 30 yrs? (lmao) but a job's a job right. this toys 'r' us article i came across goes more into that. the closing kind of makes u think about the cons of society advancing so fast and how everything is digital now. kids don't even like toys anymore. thats mad lame. but hey. pop a bottle and pour something for the dead homies. rip toys 'r' us. 
ig: locsoprano52