Slim 400 Interview

You said most of your life was in the pen’? How long were locked up?

S400: Probably a month and a half. I ain’t never did no “time” time, keep it 100 bro. Thank the Lord (knocks on wood).

Word up. How old were you when you turned Treetop Piru? 

S400: You gotta say like 12 - 13, shit like that.

What do you feel like your sound is contributing to the game right now? 

S400: Power bro, another form of gangsta rap. Showing another generation of what’s going on after the NWA shit.

I see Ice Water is something you’re promoting? What is it? 

 S400: Yea, that’s the label but I’m debating about making it an entertainment type situation, you feel me? To where it's not just music, I got a nigga that skateboard.  I’m tryna make it something to where everyone can come along.

 Were you around when Pushaz Ink started?


S400: Yea, those the real bro’s. 

Whats your favorite music to listen to right now?

S400: I’m off my OMB Peezy, I’m off my nigga Nipsey Hussle, I been fucking with my nigga Snapp Dogg outta Detroit. Shit, myself. Tuning into where I gotta better myself. Whether it’s coming more aggressive or redoing a verse, feel me?

Best advice YG gave you?

 S400: Shit, Be yoself, be yo own man, be yo own boss, create yo lane. Like I was saying earlier. Come with yo brand, market yourself, now off top that’s merch…  that’s money. Go for your’s. He basically told me “get yo money”. Who wouldn't want that? A nigga you love teaching you how to get that money.

 What made you want to put Sadboy on your record?

 S400: You gotta think, the Bruisin’, back in the day that was that “back to the hotel”. The In N2Deep posse, some shit up there up north, out in California. You know when you hear that (sings Bruisin’ melody)* That’s they shit! Off the back they get to vibin’ and goin up to it, it would a better track to put a Hispanic on it. Came to the label on some homie shit, like look bro I got this verse for you, when he heard it he was like say no more.

 What’s your opinion on East coast Blood gangs? ie. Mac Baller Brim, Gorilla Stone Blood, 9 Trey Gangsta Blood, G Shyne Blood

S400: Sometimes its good to keep yo opinions to yourself cause sometimes you could say something you don't mean or someone takes it the wrong way. Every hood got what they do, what they into, how they get down . And you gotta respect it , but as far as the rap game and presenting it on another level in a sense of bullshitters.

Type shit.

S400: That's what you speak up on and say and talk about. Other than that, how y'all conduct y'all hood or how you run yo organization. Thats on y'all. Thats y'all hood. I can’t get into details and politics, that aint me. 

Is Buddha coming home? 

S400: You know, back and fourth on appeals, you know, just lawyers bro, back and fourth like court dates. Niggas pray, niggas just hope for the best, thats really bro. Krazy.

More acting? 

S400: Yea like I said, I got this script I been goin over for this Suge Knight movie, tryna lock that down till I really get the shit and go up. But more so I’m tryna come with my lil underground 30-40 minute something. Got the cameraman, he wet. Kinda like some Blame It On The Streets shit but on some Slim shit. Real Talk

Shout outs?

S400: To the fans that fuck with a nigga and love a nigga, I appreciate y’all. To everybody tryna be something in life, hope everybody is, cause if you aint, shit, you a dead beat. If you are tryna do something with yourself, stay focused and motivated. Whatever you do when you wake up to make yourself happy, continue to do that. Whatever you do that makes you smile, continue to do that. Whoever tell you right from wrong, continue to fuck with them. That’s all I can say and I love my momma, period. 

photos and interview by
ig: locsoprano52 twitter: locsoprano