Stop screaming blasphemies over the dead and gone. There are so many that wish they could have even been in the presence of these two juggernauts. For those that were bestowed with the blessing are the ones tarnishing the legacy. The closest ones to you is usually the ones that ruin you, it's a tale old as time. Everyone talking, everyone telling their side of who was real and who was not. But what we do not hear from both sides is just the small things; funny conversations, favorite food, their inspirations, their first fights, etc. All we want to see is the flaws, the cracks in the shells of these two warriors. We all struggle with wrong and right, morals and ethics, gangsters and bitches, and we all fall victim to both sides at some point in our lives. For those who just want to make sure they were the ones to "the tell the truth" about another man, I say may the gods protect your soul when you're gone. Because Pac & Biggs are being well guarded, and you will never take away what they left behind for all artist and entertainers alike.








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