The Monday Mix: DJ Yamez

What goes into making that fire mix getting you through, well, 2020 in general? We figured there's no better person to ask than the mixmasters making it happen themselves.

Every week for The Monday Mix, we'll be tapping in with a DJ you may or may not know who will be breaking down how they go about making a mix. Some will be brief, while others may be more detailed, but one thing you can always count on is an exclusive mix from our featured guest that's sure to kick your week off right.

To get things spinning, we asked the good homie DJ Yamez for a mini introduction into his craft. The Brooklyn-bred "Vibe Ninja" has been a mainstay on the DJ scene from a global perspective for years now, curating mixes as an official DJ for the likes of Red Bull, AFROPUNK and even standing in as the DJ for Trey Songz's 2012-13 Chapter V World Tour featuring Miguel and Elle Varner amongst other accomplishments.

Keep scrolling for a lesson behind the boards from DJ Yamez himself, including his latest Aaliyah tribute mix for Daily Bread and as promised an exclusive Lafayette mix made especially for the crew:

"Key elements that go into making a mix for me are, first and foremost, my mind state. As a creative, regardless of my mood I need to be in a creative mode....  


....second, some fire-ass weed."

— DJ Yamez

"As far as the DJing part, I rarely if ever put together a set list or a DJ set unless my time is very very limited and I really want to showcase or highlight something in particular. Normally I will decide on the vibe and/or journey I want to convey, then try to find my first song.

The rest, I freestyle."

— DJ Yamez

"Last but not least, a nice environment is needed to do all the above... 🙏🏾🖤🙏🏾"

— DJ Yamez

Listen to a Lafayette exclusive mix that DJ Yamez cooked up for the PRIVILEGE fam below. Enjoy!