The Monday Mix: Hu Dat

 We're baaaaack!

It's been a good minute since our last "Monday Mix" — shoutout to the homie DJ Yamez again for the last one! — but we promise to *try* and keep it consistent moving forward. Times were hard these past few months!

With that said though, we had to come back swinging with help from the incomparable Kim Hu, known to her many followers and supporters as Hu Dat.

For Kim, being a DJ and coming up with fire mixes comes pretty much second nature to her. She's already done sets for the likes of Chief Keef (seen above), Pi'erre Bourne and YBN Cordae (or just Cordae now, right?) just to name a handful. We were able to pull her from a busy schedule of planning out 2021 and DJing for burgeoning stars like BKTHERULA and $NOT —yes, she's dead nice! — to give us a rundown of how she even does it.

Keep reading for some insightful words on the art of DJing from a musical wizardess in a Supreme hat, rounded glasses and her signature long slick hair. Enjoy!


"For my own mixes I usually like to have a theme, like I highlight specific producers and artists and make appreciation mixes. When I make mixes for brands or radios, I like to take listeners on a journey of new and familiar music and ups and downs.

So... buckle up for the ride!"

— Hu Dat


"It's Valentines and Single Awareness Day, so I have something special for my people in love and for my single people too! Songs you will relate to when you are in love, when you're missing someone and when you're perfectly happy being single and free."

— Hu Dat 


When I'm DJing an event, I really go off the energy of the room. Every DJ set I do, I freestyle and never know what I'm going to play until the moment."

— Hu Dat

"My favorite moment when I'm DJing  is when I start a dance circle or a mosh circle and everyone's jumping and carefree in that moment. That really is an amazing feeling!"

— Hu Dat


....and there you have it, from the Queen herself! Stream Hu Dat's exclusive "Monday Mix" set for the Lafayette and PRIVILEGE Crew below...for your single enjoyment, of course:

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