The world under Grand Central Station

I haven’t written anything in a minute, so bear with me as I shake off the proverbial cobwebs. I was lucky enough to be asked to go along on a tour of the tracks under Grand Central Station and no, this isn’t something offered to the public, its illegal and its restricted access, so, don’t go out there thinking you can, you’ll get arrested, period. That being said, It’s surprising how huge it is down there. Below are some photos from my expedition.

It's mind boggling how huge it is down here, I took over 300 images and barely scratched the surface.

Tunnels upon tunnels, used and unused.

This rail is from 1913, the year Grand Central Station was open to the public.

Presidential armored car on unused Track 61. This stretched from Grand Central Station to the Waldorf Astoria, where there was a freight elevator large enough for President Roosevelt's Pierce Arrow limousine, so he could travel to and from New York in secrecy.

Train movement is constant and you always have to look over your shoulder.

An understatement.

That's a lot of drinking over the years down there.

Anyone left a pair of Airmax 90's down here?!

Before the iPhone... 

Miles and miles of tracks and trains.

I'll leave it on this note, as large as Grand Central Station is to the public, it's easily four times that under it all.