Haight Ripstop Shoulder Pouch Black

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A shoulder pouch that is made of light-ounce ripstop fabric that is delicate in its eyes and that takes into consideration stress during use. The ripstop fabric is resistant to tears and tears and has a tough feel. The fabric of the reflector is sewed like a line on the front, and the logo is also printed on the reflector for a sense of unity. On the surface · Zip-type out pocket on the back · In the Velcro pocket main pocket · Deploy a hook that can be attached to the mesh inner pocket · key etc. The zipper on the main pocket is a double zipper reverse opening, with a design that emphasizes ease of use. Size: W = 15 cm / W = 20 cm / D = 7 cm Capacity: about 2.1 L Material: Outer material = nylon / lining = polyester