Wanna Pottery Shirts

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Wanna Pottery Shirts
Standard Fit
Size / M, L 
Color / White, Black
Made in Japan
Limited Edition

A set of shorts and short-sleeved shirt with open collar, designed with commemorative stamps for the "Haiti Revolution", the most successful revolution in the African slave rebellion in the French colonial Southern Hemisphere in 1791.
On the back is the slogan of the French Revolution, a revolution that ironically symbolizes capitalism.
The message of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (freedom, equality, philanthropy) is written.
This is a homage to a French Maison brand of women's shirt worn live by Kanye West at the 2011 American music festival "Coachella".
It was Virgil Abloh who styled the costumes of that time.
A few years later, he became the main designer of Louis Vuitton, the world's premier maison.
This is a complete revolution in which the black people, their communities and culture have struck a chord with the aristocratic class, a WANNA-specific metaphorical interpretation that overlaps with the stamp design above.
It has a smooth and soft texture, and is partially cut back.  It has a great impact and is a recommended item that is perfect for the coming summer.